I ask that you please read over this FAQ page before inquiring about getting tattooed.  These are commonly asked questions and will most likely answer questions you may have.  If after reading this, and I still didn’t answer your question, then please feel free to include that in your inquiry.  Your first step in getting tattooed will be to read this Q&A, then submit a detailed inquiry form along with any pictures. 

What’s the best way to contact you for a consultation/appointment? 

  • Consultations can be made in person, or over email if you are out of town.  After your consultation, I do require a deposit to book your appointment.  This will insure your space in my books. The deposit ranges from $100-$250 depending on the size and the number sessions the tattoo might take.  All deposits will be applied to your last session of your tattoo. Deposits are non-refundable.       

  1. I book in three month increments at a time, and if you want something further out you may want to wait.  Booking this way allows for changes in my schedule and opportunities to book my traveling dates.  Once my books are full and you would like to be notified of when they will be opening again, join my mailing-list, this way I can also notify you of travel dates and last-minute availability due to cancelations. 

 Do you take walk ins?  

  • Sometimes I may have a cancellation, and if time permits I will accept walk-ins for smaller tattoos.  On occasion, I will make an announcement if I have a cancellation; therefore, I'd recommend signing up for my mailing-list.  Of course, to insure your space in my schedule, its best to contact me in advance so we can plan and schedule your appointment for a future date. 

When can expect a reply from my inquiry?  

  • I usually reply to all inquiries at the beginning of the week.  Since so much of my time is spent drawing and tattooing it may take me a little bit of time to go over your inquiry and get back with you so please be patient with me during this process.  Please note, to expedite the inquiry process, include as much information as you can along with any pictures.    

Is there any type of tattoos you won’t do ?  

  • Please review my tattooing style before submitting a request for a tattoo. I try my best to take on projects for any type of illustrative tattoos, however, if I feel your idea may not be best suited for my style I will let you know.          

What are your rates?  

  • My hourly rate is 200$ with a 2 hour minuim. A typical tattoo I may do can require anywhere from 1 to 3 sessions, and take 2 to 4 hours each session, all depending on the tattoo and placement.  

What is your Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy?  

  • Unfortunately, if you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, you will need to start the booking process all over.  Please keep in mind when you cancel, I have appointments already booked up to 3 months out, and you will most likely be  waiting another 3 months to get back into an open slot in my schedule. I require a 48-hour notice at the very minimum for cancellations. Three reschedules are allowed, and on the fourth cancellation your deposit will be forfeited.  Also, people that cancel less than 48-hours in advance, are less likely to be scheduled in the future.  Please note, your required deposit to book your appointment is nonrefundable.  The deposit will be applied to your tattoo, and if your tattoo requires multiple appointments, the deposit is applied to the last appointment. 

Can you show me the artwork before my appointment?  

  • Unfortunately, not.  Drawings will be done on the day of appointment, and will not be available for viewing before your scheduled appointment date.  

What if I want changes to my design/artwork?  

  • While minor changes may be possible closer to your appointment day, considerable changes may not be possible.  These changes include size, placement, and/or design modifications, and may require more time than what was initially set aside for your appointment.  Please notify me promptly if you decide you would like modifications to your tattoo that were not previously discussed. 

 Where are you located?

  • My hours are Tuesday- Saturday 9am to 4pm. Keep these hours in mind when scheduling your appointment. Please contact me ahead of time for booking a consultation, therefore, you will have my undivided attention. Trilogy Tattoos is located at 10312 Bloomingdale Ave, Riverview, FL 33569.

How much will my tattoo cost? 

  • Prices vary by piece. I charge by the hour, and factors that affect my time spent on each piece include, placement, amount of detail, and size of the tattoo. Please inform me in your appointment inquiry if you are looking to stay within a specific budget. Below, I've attached some tattoos I've done with the rough number of hours and sessions it took to help better judge how long it might take. hope it helps!


Two sessions, Ranging from 3-4 hours.


One session of 3 hours.


Three sessions, ranging from 2-4 hours.


One session of 3 hours.


2 sessions, ranging from 2-3 hours.


Two sessions of 2 hours.


One session of 4 hours.


Two session of 2-3 hours


One session of 4 hours

unnamed (5).jpg

Three sessions of 3-4 hours.



Constantly pushing myself artistically and mentally in my work,  no limits or lines are draw when it comes to categorize my art in a style. In tattooing I am drawn to illustrative imagery  and timeless designs, such as, floral, fauna and natural scenery.  An 80's kid at heart, expressing my nostalgia through my art and graphic design is close to my heart.  You can find me on most given days at Trilogy Tattoos in the always sunny and beautiful Tampa, Florida.